Thola Ukuphila multi-nutrient pillies

R 40.00

PRODUCT:  Thola Ukuphila pillies (60 -  one month supply)

DESCRIPTION;  BIO-SIL's specially formulated multi-nutrient superfood supplement which contains :

Aloe / Camomile / Celery Seed / Cordyceps / Dandelion Root / Diatomaceous Earth / Fulvic Acid / Hypoxis / Moringa / MSM / Nettle and Turmeric


Affordable, Easy to take tablets.   

This is a perfect complement for all-round health, to the PHUZA UKUPHILA, also available at this webstore

We at BIO-SIL, have worked extensively with our formulation partners to formulate a really wonderful but also affordable multi-nutrient health booster.

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