Radiant Health Combo SPECIAL

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  1. RADIANT HEALTH 500 ml drink

The gut .. where GOOD HEALTH begins! This product is loaded with natural, healthy microbes, also called life's most powerful medicine.  They ensure maximum nutrition from food and assist the body to create its own vitamins.

No matter how good one's diet is or which products one takes, the body can not function optimally without the correct balance of these beneficial microbes .

  1. RADIANT HEALTHmulti-nutrient tablets (60)

This wholly natural supplement is a perfect complement to the RADIANT HEALTH natural probiotic, for all-round health.

A unique, wonderful but also affordable multi-nutrient health booster, BIO-SIL's specially formulated supplement contains : Aloe / Camomile / Celery Seed / Cordyceps / Dandelion Root / Diatomaceous Earth / Fulvic Acid / Hypoxis and Moringa

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