Powder For Life powder 150 g

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Please note that this wonderful and unique product has been further enhanced with the addition to the current ingredients, of BAOBAB which takes care of mineral requirements.   Minerals are essential to absorption of other nutrients.   ALL IN ONE capsules and powder are now available at this website!




PRODUCT  Powder For Life Powder (also available in capsule form)  1 month supply

DESCRIPTION  A unique South African product containing four wonderful products, diatomaceous earth, fulvic acid, moringa and zeolite  Stir into water or juice or add to your daily smoothies 

BENEFITS  The natural chelated vitamins, minerals and trace elements in this powder provide an incredibly powerful health boost.  Anti-ageing properties

  Some say "the only supplement you'll ever need"  



Diatomaceous Earth - the internal cosmetic - natural bio-available silica, detoxifier and parasite cleanse

Fulvic Acid - the giver of life - contains ancient microbial plant nutrients, mineral and essential elements

Moringa - nature's multi-vitamin - chlorophyl, Omega 3, 6, 9, vitamins, amino acids, 92 nutrients and 46 antioxidants

Zeolite - the cleanser & rejuvenator - volcanic minerals, trace elements and amino acids, powerful detoxifier



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 In summary:

 * Has anti inflammatory properties
* Regenerates skin, hair & nails
* Strengthens Bones & connective tissue
* Helps in nutrient absorption
* Assists with managing high blood pressure
* Vitality
* Full body cleanse & detoxifier
* Removes heavy metals, chemicals and toxins
* Immune Booster
* Provides essential Vitamins and minerals


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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