Orgone EMF Harmoniser (heart)

R 260.00

PRODUCT:  Orgone (EMF - Electro Magnetic Field) Harmoniser (heart shape)

DESCRIPTION:  This is a beautiful object-d-art; handcrafted and imbued with plasma technology, crystals and other forms of healing energy.

BENEFITS:  These harmonisershelp reduce the damaging effects of EMFs in the home, office and car;  protect children and cellphone users (we have a special cellphone protector to be released very soon)

What is EMF?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Everything in creation has its own electromagnetic field. Additionally, everything man makes has an electromagnetic field (e.g. electronic technology). It is a measurable form of energy.

EMF Dangers

Why are some EMF’s harmful to our bodies? The human body is composed of very specific EMF frequencies. Healthy tissue has these strong natural frequencies. Unhealthy or diseased tissue has weak or altered (different) frequencies.

Our healthy EMF frequencies become weak or altered for various reasons, but most commonly by too much exposure to other EMF frequencies which are out of the realm of our healthy body frequencies.


We encourage seekers to look into some of these links to become informed and knowledgeable about a vast "unseen" / "invisible" danger to the human body and especially to babies and small children's bodies.  The Smart Meter Dangers

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