Liver Repair (60 vege caps)

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PRODUCT  Nat Solve Liver Restore and Repair 

DESCRIPTION  60 vege caps, containing no additives or preservatives 

BENEFITS  An effective herbal product which can be taken for all liver ailments, including sclerosis of the liver 


Milk thistle - protects and repairs the liver, it detoxifies synthetic chemicals such as alcohol, heavy metals and radiation  

Greater Celandine purifies and stimulates the blood, and is a natural remedy for serious liver ailments due to its high cleansing qualities

Dandelion root and Dandelion leaf is added as it relieves inflammation, whilst purifying the blood.  It has awesome diuretic properties allowing the body to eliminate toxins    

Yellow Dock is a potent tonic and conditioner for the blood, benefiting the liver as it brings blood to an optimum state allowing your body to heal  

Liquorice Root, Benefits the liver by increasing bile flow, enhancing immunity by boosting levels of interferon, fights off viruses and brings about good health.

Some side effects using this product - one can experience back pain, (over the liver area) while the liver is being cleansed;  Many people experience a surge of energy, within 2 - 4 days and overall feelings of good health.

Testimonials "After using this product I found I felt tired and had pains all over the liver area on my back for two days, but then --- I could feel my energy restore itself, pain disappeared and I felt fantastic, I now have a lot more energy and able to do much more than previously.  I highly recommend this to anyone with any liver problems". - Susan

"My liver has been a problems from years of drinking alcohol, a lot of back pain, lack of energy, and in general bad health.  Since taking this product I feel fantastic, no pain, much more energy and overall good health.  Thank you for an amazing liver repair products".  Tony

' I had a lot of skin problems, after being told this was due to my liver being dysfunctional, I changed my eating, stopped alcohol and took Nat. Solve Liver Repair.  I have been on this product for 5 weeks, and have never felt better.  My skin is clearing and my energy levels have increased 100%.  Thank you.  Natalie



This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition

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