Intelligent Protein

R 205.00

PRODUCT:  Intelligent Protein available in 250 grams  and 1 Kilogram (toggle size for size selection)


SynerChi Organics Intelligent Protein  has been specially blended to supply our bodies with the finest quality plant based, nutrient dense proteins. Intelligent Protein helps to accelerate recovery from exercise, supporting general wellness & helping you achieve optimal physical & mental performance, resulting in larger, leaner muscle gains, naturally. The purest blend of carefully selected super foods ensures that the body absorbs the organic 65% Edistin protein perfectly, which accelerates the regeneration of muscle building after a period of exertion & while in rest.

While it is ideal for sportsmen & women, athletes & body builders,  SynerChi Organics Intelligent Protein  is equally suited to people with limited time to exercise. With the advanced DNA at its best, your well-being awaits you with  SynerChi Organics.


Mix 2 scoops with your favorite smoothie or breakfast 1-2 times daily, evening's & as a post workout recovery.



-  Builds lean, strong, muscle

-  Enhanced levels of energy

-  Improves libido

-  Supports recovery and maintenance

-  Helps balance the endocrine system

-  Assists in mental balance

-  Antioxidant



100% Organic Hemp Protein, maca powder, bee pollen, cinnamon, adaptogens, coconut sugar, medicinal mushrooms (chaga mushrooms).


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