Hoodia Gordonii - Natural appetite suppresant

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PRODUCT  Hoodia Gordonii (90 vegan gel capsules)  

Manufacturing company, Afrigetics, actively supports the San Council and donates a profit share to the San people of South Africa.  All Afrigetics products are non GMO and are from a  sustainable and renewable source.  Afrigetics has in September 2016 donated R10 000 to the San Bushmen.

DESCRIPTION  A natural appetite suppressant and weight loss aid

Serving size : 2 capsules
Servings per container : 45  vege-caps
Amount per serving : 400 mg Hoodia milled powder
Suggested use : 2 capsules twice to three times daily
Contains no sugar, starch, yeast, artificial colours or preservatives


BENEFITS  Hoodia is an effective weight loss supplement, leaving one's body feeling energized and satisfied.  An entirely natural appetite suppressant, also known as Bushman’s Hat or Queen of the Namib, Hoodia is a succulent originating from the Kalahari Desert. Traditionally, South Africa’s most ancient tribe, the San people have been using the meat of the plant to suppress appetite on extremely long hunting trips. The active ingredient in Hoodia is known as P57. This molecule effectively fools the brain into thinking that you are full. It is 10 000x more active than glucose and with no known side effects, Hoodia is a natural way to lose weight (if taken along with a healthy diet). With nothing else added except pure African sunshine you couldn’t get a more raw and unadulterated eating experience 

FURTHER INFORMATION  Hoodia Gordonii is a truly wild indigenous South African Bush food. The extract is widely available in numerous weight loss products. Now you can try Hoodia in it’s purest, raw form. Our Hoodia is organically grown, freshly sliced and freeze dried, a process which retains more live food factors in the plant than any other drying method.


Please note : Taking  Hoodia and Irvingia together will certainly be a more effective, synergistic combination than using one product on its own.  The one suppresses appetite and the other stops one's body from converting carbs into fat.


"For us, Hoodia is something supernatural, given by God" said Oom Jan, spiritual leader (shaman, bossiedoktor) of the Khumani San in the Kalahari.
The San used this plant to stave off hunger whilst on long hunting trips, a powerful tool in their daily lives.


This product is not designed to diagnose or prevent any physical condition

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