Hemp Protein: 250 g *** NEW ***

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SynerChi Organics Hemp Protein  is the most natural & complete source of protein in the plant kingdom, naturally rich in 20 essential amino acids (Protein building blocks), fatty acids & dietary fibre. Structurally it contains 65% Edistin, the most superior of all plant based proteins. Edistin is a globulin protein which is closely related to that of the human blood, allowing the muscle to readily absorb the protein.

While protein is a crucial component for muscle repair,  so too are essential fatty acids (Omega – 3 and Omega – 6), vitamins, minerals, fibre, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, as well as other nutrients,  all  found in SynerChi Organics Hemp Protein


Mix 2 scoops with your favorite smoothie or breakfast 1-2 times daily in the mornings or as a snack after activities.



ü  62% Pure Protein

ü  Advanced core nutrition

ü  Assists in weight loss

ü  Increased energy levels

ü  Strength, power, delivery

ü  Accelerated recovery compound


100% Organic Hemp Protein

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