Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Protector

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PRODUCT  Electro Magnetic Field Protector 

DESCRIPTION  EMF Protector - 6.5 cm long oval shaped, flat, easy to affix anywhere you desire it to be. Cuts the harmful effects to the human body.  Electro Smog weakens the immune system.

BENEFITS  A wonderful gift for those you love.  Protect yourself from harmful human energy field disruption:

FURTHER INFORMATION  Nothing on earth is in isolation.  One way or another, regardless of how big or small;  positive or negative; in or out of harmony, everything is affected by everything else.

We are affected by everything – some more than others, but especially children and the elderly are at risk. 

Weather, temperatures, surroundings, plants, animals, insects, food, water, taste, sound, music, smell, sight, colours, shapes, thoughts, beliefs, sentiment -  even viruses, bacteria and germs, all of which surround us all the time …. affect us each differently.

Electro Smog disturbs everyone’s subliminal electro magnetic waves that are produced by our brain to keep us healthy.   Scientists in several universities around the world have proved this. 

Invisible radar, radio, television and microwaves, are continually passing through the cells of our body.  Electrical equipment such as  cellphones, laptops, computers, power lines and TVs cause our body pH to turn acid.  Acid is the cause of many illnesses.   Acidity and lack of oxygen promote cancer.


South Africa


South Africa

30 million cellphones


25% cancer




Electro Magnetic Field Protector


Protection is always preferable to attempting to cure.

The Electro Magnetic Field Protector for Extra Low Frequencies (ELFs) should be worn on the body, placed on cellphones, computers, televisions and electrical switchboards as well as burglar alarm boxes.

Protectors also neutralise geopathic stress.   A protector should be laid flat under each bed, especially children’s beds.  They are also recommended for use in offices and flats, especially those affected by the ‘sick building syndrome”.

These protectors are particularly effective when flying, as they reduce jet-lag.   They also protect us from the Extra Low Frequency (ELF) waves of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) above 30 Hz

Allow your instinct to guide you




This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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