Diatomaceous Earth Home 5 litre Tub

R 225.00

PRODUCT  Eco-Earth Home 5 litre Tub

DESCRIPTION   A low-cost 5 litre tub of sun-dried Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth suitable for household use

Our Food Grade Eco-Earth is a special grade of fresh-water DE. It is sun-dried, highly refined and designed to be safe for human consumption. It is tasteless and highly palatable for both human and domestic animals

The finer DE is refined, the more effective in becomes. Being so highly refined means it is also the most effective product we have for natural, non-toxic household pest control

BENEFITS  Applications:

  1. ·       Human consumption
  2. ·       Domestic animal consumption
  3. ·       Household pest control
  • bed bugs
  • ants
  • cockroaches
  • spiders
  • flies
·       Tick & Flea powder
·       Grain Storage


FURTHER INFORMATION   This powder can also be used as a Tick & Flea powder and for Grain Storage.  Full instructions for all the applications are included in the Tub

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