Colloidal Silver Anti-bacterial Spray (50ml)

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PRODUCT  Colloidal Silver Anti-bacterial Spray (50 ml)

DESCRIPTION  A handy refillable spray bottle which is perfect for handbags, baby bags and school bags


* Protect your loved ones at all times with this handy little item 

 * Use frequently whilst on bus or airplane journeys

* Fantastic for emergencies and to provide immediate relief for burns, cuts and wounds
* Spray when people are coughing and sneezing around you, spray in eyes, up the nose for nasal problems, in public toilets, on hands and for skin ailments
* This is a once-off purchase as it is refillable from any other Bio-Sil Colloidal Silver product
* This is a also a wonderful after-shave spritzer and rejuvenating skin toner



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