Zeolite (500ml)

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PRODUCT  Zeolite powder 

DESCRIPTION   Pure zeolite in a handy 500 ml tub 


1. Detoxification / cleansing of the body

2. As a beauty enhancer (please scroll down)

Zeolite is a natural mineral that has been proven to absorb toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from the body, as well as boosting the immune system, without side effects.

It will help balance the body's pH level.  Foreign cells and free radicals can not survive in a balanced pH environment


Zeolite: 'Nature's Detoxifier' an amazing mineral that:

    * Eliminates toxins, free radicals and heavy metals.

    * Boosts the immune system.

    * Helps reverse radiation damage.

    * Safe and effective for natural chelation therapy.

    * Balances the body's pH level (Unhealthy cells can not survive in a balanced pH             environment)



For detoxification or general well being take 1 measured teaspoon once a day stirred into a glass of water or juice or mix into food.

For an acute health problem, take 1 measured teaspoon 3 times a day until resolved

Continued use shows increased benefits


Thanks to the honeycomb-like structure, a zeolite works at the cellular level to trap allergens, heavy metals and harmful toxins. In fact, because it is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, a zeolite acts as a magnet, drawing toxins to it, capturing them in its cage, and removing them safely and naturally from your body.


This unique ability to remove dangerous toxins is well documented:


It was used by the Russian government to absorb radioactive chemicals and other harmful toxins after the Chernobyl disaster.  People showed a 30% reduction in radioactive isotopes after the very first application of Zeolite! 



For centuries, zeolites have been used as traditional remedies throughout Asia to promote overall health and well-being


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2.  Zeolite - Beauty Enhancer

There are a few ways to use this all-star ingredient topically for your skin:

  • Mask: In a fine powder form, zeolite makes a wonderfully detoxifying mask. Mix 1 tablespoon of zeolite powder with 2 tablespoons of water to form a paste. Slather it on your face and leave it for up to an hour (I've found the longer the better). When you wash it off, be prepared for seriously soft skin and pores that are noticeably less noticeable! It'll do a deep cleanse on your pores and help heal any existing blemishes.
  • Cleanser: Mix the same proportions as for the mask but wash off after about a minute so as not to dry out your skin with daily use. For something more moisturizing, try swapping the water with your favorite face oil. Follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer.
  • Exfoliator: With its fine, sand-like texture, zeolite is a great gentle exfoliator. Place 1 tablespoon zeolite powder in the palm of your hand or a small bowl, and using a soft brush (a kabuki brush is ideal), gently work the powder into your skin in small, circular motions. Be careful around more delicate areas (eyes, etc.) and do not inhale the powder. Then, simply wash your face with warm water and a soft cloth, followed by a splash of cold water to reduce inflammation.

When trying any skin care substance for the first time, always do a patch test on your cheek or neck prior to use to test whether you're allergic

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This product is not intended to treat or prevent any condition

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