Hand & Body Butter (250ml)

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PRODUCT  Hand & Body Butter 250 ml

DESCRIPTION  A very popular and much loved product - Lightly fragranced with lemon grass and apple, all-over crème.   Contains colloidal silver, natural oils and shea butter.   No aqueous cream, petroleum or lanolin components.


BENEFITS  This is a real skin quencher and is a much loved and popular product.  

Lightly and deliciously fragranced 

FURTHER INFORMATION  Leaves the body feeling quenched and moisturised.
Can be massaged into cuticles,dry heels and elbows.
Concentrated, a little goes a long way!
Wonderful for dry skin, and helps prevent the 'lizard legs' look in dry / cold climates

* * * * *.


* A while ago, you sent me a free sample of your "hand and body creme" with one of my purchases. I have suffered all my life of really bad cracked heels. They crack so badly that they sometimes bleed. This body creme sorted my heels out within 2 weeks! I had tried almost every product on the market... Thank you so much!

* It is my moisturiser of choice and people always compliment me on my skin

* I am thrilled that this wonderful cream is back on the beat - there is nothing else like it!



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