Bangalala and Bulbine Duo

R 350.00 R 410.00

PRODUCT   Bangalala (60 vege-capsules)

DESCRIPTION   Afrigetics’ Bangalala is made from an extract of Eriosema kraussianum, a medicinal herb that has been listed under Bangalala for centuries           

BENEFITS  This is a traditional Zulu herbal medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or as a sexual performance enhancer that has been used for hundreds of years and is probably Southern Africa’s most famous herbal aphrodisiac  


PRODUCT  Bulbine – testosterone stimulant  35% more testosterone in 2 weeks (60 vege capsules)

DESCRIPTION  Bulbine natalensis is a safe, effective, testosterone stimulant.   It offers a safe and natural way of rapidly increasing testosterone levels, with benefits such as stronger muscles, reduced flabbiness, an increase in stamina, reduced fatigue and an increased sex drive.  Bulbine is well known as a powerful traditional aphrodisiac

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