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Your BABY CREAM is just the best cream on the market - I've recommended it to so many friends.   It's worked on dry skin where no other product has succeeded.   Thank you so much for this divine product.   I've also used it successfully on my winter-dry hands!   Penny


My Dear Yvonne,

Wow! I can only say a very grateful thanks for your marvellous gift. A HUGE bottle of COLLOIDAL SILVER, and a bar of Colloidal Soap. Which prompts me to say, there are still Wonderful people in the world today.  (I smiled at about 6 stangers today at the shopping mall and they all smiled back!!)  

Thank you so very much. Long live the manufacturers of COLLOIDAL SILVER!

With love from Priscilla 



‘Dear Yvonne It is with a great Honour for me to let you know that I really appreciate your two products: COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER and MMS. I wish to join and help sickly people mostly who have been infected by HIV AIDS. Thank you.’ Tebogo

‘Chronic tonsillitis My daughter came down with terrible tonsillitis recently. I gave her MMS (3 drop dose) to gargle 3 times a day. Within two days she was perfectly healthy. Wonderful’. SS

'It seriously is pure MAGIC! I had first heard of it around May, and got a lot of input from friends around the world. Then, when I was sooooo sick, back in July, I was so desperate I started it one Friday and by Sunday felt completely different – by the following Wed I was feeling FANTASTIC!! Since then, although I am excessively pressurised and very very tired, I have not picked up any bugs and manage to get through my days quite well. I have referred around 20 people to it, of which possibly 10 of them are now on it as well – when I send through the info, along with the ebook, I tell them that if it doesn’t work for them, I will buy their bottles off them – I totally swear by it. It is phenomenal stuff! We get it from Dischem here'.. Steffi

From animal rescue centre in Muldersdrift:

'I started using CDS when we realised that we were dealing with a more vicious virus than just common everyday virus in a dog.I started with the protocol 1000 to get their bodies used to the CDS building up to the protocol 2000 and then to the 3000 - using -+ 15 -18 drops per dog in the beggining,and I was using DMSO with every CDS dose. at that stage I was prepared to over dose the dogs and treat dehydration than treat distemper and watch my dogs have seizures and literally fade away under my nose.(we lost 3 dogs as we started with the MMS / CDS treatment with the neurological side effects of distemper) I Maintained a course of dosing for 9 hours every day for 4 weeks , the same protocol one would use for HIV.( dosing dogs of different sizes became a challenge as we have dogs from dachshund sizes to weimeraner and Labrador size) and dosing 17 dogs daily, for 9 hours a day for 4 solid weeks was exhausting .I had to watch for nausea , vomiting and runny tummies daily.once the 4 weeks came to a final close and i was satisfied that the dogs could only go forward and not backwards, i reduced the dosing to 6 hourly with DMSO. watching them like a hawk for ANY side effects of twitching,snotty nose etc. we are currently on day 4 on the first week on the 6 hourly doses.we have completed a whole 4 weeks of dosing with no relapses and not another heart breaking death we can only be on the right road now!!! I will maintain a steady dosing pattern for another few weeks to just MAKE SURE we are all healed and that we cannot encounter any form of relapse. I will reduce it every week until we are on a maintenance level (as long as there are no relapses) . I gave up my job to be with my dogs through this devastating time.I have now put CDS into my horses food, dogs water,cats,ducks,geese,pig, birds and chickens water on a daily basis and i will never be without CDS again!!!!!

Thank you to Yvonne,Shannon and Gordon for helping me out with questions and answers and numerous frantic deliveries when i couldnt ...and still cant leave the farm due to the hourly dosing!! If it werent for you three and countless prayers....... i wouldnt have a single dog left by my side!.  All my love' Cherisse

Colloidal Silver

‘My lovebird was losing her feathers – I tried all the remedies suggested and nothing worked until I decided to try your colloidal silver – it’s wasn’t long and all the feathers grew back. I just add a little to her drinking water’. Janet

‘I used the colloidal silver to keep a wound frr from infection and it worked beautifully! ‘

‘My husband had a bad skin rash. After trying various products he conceded to use my BIO-SIL spray - it took a few applications and his skin was clear. I just LOVE your products’ JN

‘I gargled with this for mouth sores! Worked like a dream!!’ C.L 

‘Colloidal Silver Is Healing Our MRSA Boils and Topical Fungal Rash – Hallelujah! 

'Greetings from a new Colloidal Silver user - my family has been battling MRSA plague for the past 3 months my oldest son being hospitalized and my daughter having a number of boils lanced by the doctor. 

'My oldest son had a boil the size of a fist causing extreme stabbing pain and the doctor gave him a low grade antibiotic and refused to lance it despite appearance looking ready to explode. I received the generator in the mail the next day and immediately made a batch and soaked large gauze pads in the Colloidal Silver to cover the boil. The next morning a hole had opened the size of a nickel and a mass of infection pulled out with the gauze (also all swelling was gone) - reapplied this treatment several times a day for the next 2 days and the hole that had been a inch deep completely healed over. I have also personally suffered for 8 years of a constant topical fungal rash under my breasts weeping and blistered and sometimes bleeding that numerous doctors said I would have to learn to live with and it is almost completely cleared up. HALLELUJAH!!!!! I am making Colloidal Silver for everyone I know and giving it to them. :) '-- Beth H. From the Colloidal Silver Testimonials page at

‘My dog fell over a wall onto razor wire and lacerated her tummy quite badly - deep wounds. I just sprayed the cuts with BIO-SIL colloidal silver and they healed miraculously! I sent thebefore and after pictures’

‘Just a short testimony; my daughter of 15months has had what seems to be pink eye but with no discharge and therefore not regular conjunctivitis. After a week of going with the GP's recommended treatment for a staphylococci infection there was no change. I took her to my optometrist who recommended cleaning it properly and using colloidal silver drops. After just the first application am I seeing a remarkable improvement. I wish I had done it in the first place. The medical eye gel was such a waste of time and just caused my daughter fear of eye treatments’

Colloidal Silver Gel

‘After a bad burn on the oven tray I immediately put the gel on, within about 2 minutes the burning stopped, no blister and no pain!! Amazing product!’ KD

‘I had a painful spider bit on my wrist, it was swollen and red. I put the gel on twice and am left with a tiny mark where the bite was! All swelling and itching gone! WOW #impressed‘ Shirley, KZN

'Another huge big THANK YOU for the sample products you so kindly and generously sent me ….'

‘My dad’s psoriasis is clearing – miraculously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Biosil Gel is the best thing ever....we wouldn't survive without it!!It really works!!’

'Have a super day and Biosil is to become a regular in our home and it’s awesome for my skin tooooooooo, xxxx’ - Tracy

Hand & Body Butter

‘I’ve suffered with eczema for 15 years. My pharmacist sold me one of your Acne Treatment packs and I’ve been drinking the colloidal silver, but within three days of using the Hand & Body sample my eczema has just about cleared up. I am so thrilled!’  - Elise

‘I use the hand and body cream every day, I have found it helps with boils and extremely dry skin! Thank you!’ TC

‘I started going completely organic food-wise and product-wise 2 months ago and then I started developing a weird kind of skin rash with dry, red bumps scattered here and there on different parts of my body, something I've never had a problem with before! The only thing I HADN'T changed to organic was my body lotion simply because I hadn't found the right cream yet. I have extremely dry skin and I needed something very moisturising. Then I discovered this cream by chance in my favourite health shop! Within 2 weeks the bumps have all but vanished and my skin feels divine. It's a good feeling to know that what I'm putting on my skin is not only NOT going to affect my body negatively, but is actually going to help heal my body. I'll never use another cream again’. - Mel

‘I have started using your green pot cream on my face too – it is better than Clinique!!!! I can feel the difference when I have washed my face – my skin feels soft and nurtured no tight at all!’ Belinda

‘I am a week on your hand and body creme. The feeling it leave make me feel younger again. My daughter is 13yrs and she use it on her face. We love it!’ Adrianna



'Dear Shannon

Thank you very much for the Colloidal Silver replacement. It would be wonderful if all companies could be as efficient and honorable!  Thank you also for the hand & body crème sample.'


Thank you BIO-SIL for your wonderful collolidal silver.   In the week that I've been taking it I can see a remarkable difference in my general strength and wellbeing - there is also a definite improvement in my creaky old joints!   Ishmail