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BIO-SIL Colloidal Silver
Q: Is it really safe?
A: Yes, absolutely – we’ve been around for 20 years without any adverse reports. We use only the purest, finest .9999 grade silver.
Q: What dosage?
A: There are no hard and fast rules but a guideline : 
      5 ml daily for babies and children; 10 ml daily for adults – triple this when the body is under attack
Q: Will I turn blue or grey?
A:  Definitely not – this is a safe and gentle concentration of silver – 20 parts per million.
Q: Can I use it topically?
A: Absolutely – it is wonderful applied to cuts, burns, wounds and bites and can be applied as frequently as one wishes.
Q: Can I use this for sinus and post-nasal drip?
A: Yes, definitely.   It can be sniffed or applied with a glass dropper – lie back for a good few minutes and let the silver get to work on infections. It’s also good to gargle with.
Q: Can I use this internally for thrush?
A: Yes, it’s wonderful for internal problems .  We recommend taking it orally as well.
Q: Can I take this during pregnancy?
A: Yes, you certainly can. It’s also great for babies, e.g. cleaning baby’s eyes.
Q: Can I use this in my eyes?
A: Yes, it is safe and gentle – either spray or use a glass dropper or eyebath.
Q: Can I overdose?
A: No, not on the recommended dosages.
Q: Are the plastic bottles safe?
A: Yes, the plastic we use is medical-grade and does not leach into the product as would occur with common pvc plastic
Q: Is this safe for my dogs?
A: Oh yes!   This is wonderful for all animals, including iguanas!   We give our cats and dogs a splash in their water bowls every day  and they’re in great health!   It can also be added to food especially for a sick animal to ensure they are getting it all in.
Q: Is this good for wounds?
A: It certainly is, as is evidenced by plasters and dressings containing silver! Best to use the liquid until healing starts and once the wound has closed, our Original Clear Healing Gel is wonderful.
Q: Where can I purchase your products?
A: Dis-Chem stocks most of the products; Pick ‘n Pay Pharmacies carry some of the products;  Otherwise best is to shop online at www.biosil.co.za;  or one can e-mail us directly at info@biosil.co.za for more info.

Q: Does this interfere with medication?
A: No, it’s fine to take this in conjunction with any meds
Q: Does it have a shelf life?
A: The shelf life is pretty much indefinite – product tested after seven years was still as good as new
Q: What is the ppm?
A: 20 ppm
Q: Can I decant this into clear glass bottles?
A: This is not advisable, as the product is sensitive to sunlight and can change colour
Q: Where should I store it?
A: In a cool place away from direct and away from electrical appliances, such as a kitchen or bathroom cupboard
Q: Are there any additives or preservatives?
A: None whatsoever.It is purely pure!
Q: What sizes is this available in?
A: 50 ml refillable spray bottle for travelling and handbags, 200 ml; 500 ml and 1 litre.