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It all started with…
Our beautiful Tonkinese cat named Shakira. She was diagnosed with a life threatening tumour in her stomach that had invaded all her main organs and we were told there was nothing that could be done. Devastated by this news, our family was determined to try everything and find something that could help her.
We were visited by a wise man who pulled from his pocket a flier about colloidal silver which he had picked up in Canada. We sprang into action! In those days it was incredibly difficult to find colloidal silver in this country but we eventually found someone who was making colloidal silver and immediately made a purchase.
The results were astounding; our beautiful girl’s tumour shrank and completely disappeared within several weeks!! Our vet was totally flawed and thrilled at this discovery. Shakira continued to live a happy and healthy life, sans the bulge she'd acquired around her middle.
Something in the Water…
Yvonne began intense research into this silver phenomenon, and came up with findings on colloidal silver. Along with help from the professionals, she began developing Bio-Sil’s colloidal silver. At that stage Yvonne was working at an advertising agency and decided to take the leap and follow her life-long calling which was to help people. While many people were sceptical about this relatively unknown safe and natural substance, the results that were to follow swept us all into the wonders of this amazing simple and humble product.
Yvonne founded Bio-Sil in 1993. Production was small / home-based and Yvonne spent most of her days canvassing and speaking to people about this fantastic product. Where doors were closed she pursued any gaps left open.  She soon gained a small following of customers and after much persistence and sharing of wonderful feedback,. BIO-SIL continues to flourish on great word- of-mouth and no advertising at all.

BIO-SIL is a family owned business.  

We pride ourselves on manufacturing / sourcing all of our products with love and care.
Our Happy Family :

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