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All manufactured with love by a South African herbalist, mostly home grown herbs.

Amazing results!



 We are gradiently adding these products to our collection - this is a more comprehensive compilation of what is available.

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Ingredient and description


Cancer supplements

60 vege caps

BLOOD ROOT – Commonly known to treat cancers by the Native Americans.  Purifies and cleanses bloodsream.  Has been showm to posess antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Stops cancerous cells rapid regrowth, and promotes the natural self destruciton of cancer cells,

GALANGAL – Used to stimulate the release of gastric juices to assist sluggish digestion and repair natural eliminations , lower bloodstream cholesterol, antispasmodic and antibacterial.

POKE ROOT- Supports the lymphatic system, which is important in anti cancer treatments, as well as cleansing the whole body.  It has been shown as an excellent remedy for breast cancer, and cancer of the lymphatic system.

CHAPARRAL– Dissolves malignant tumors – potent anti inflammatory, analgesic anti oxidant, relieves pain, good for skin disorders, prevents cell damage, known as natures detergent

GRAVIOLA – Contains bioactive chemicals which have powerful anti tumor and anti cancer qualities,  tests have shown that it is able to target and kill cancer cells, without interfering with healthy ones.    Also  has high level of carboydratres and fructose, which is a natural sugar, Vitamins B1 and B2 and C are found in this herb. 

CANCER BUSH – Used for over all good health, pain reliever, fights viral  infections, reduces inflamation, and used as an alternative cancer treatment by inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells by as much as 50%. 

PAU D ARCO – Antibiotic, antifungal, antitumor, antiviral, digestive tonic, diuretic, fungicidal, antidiabetic, anodyne, analgesic, astringent, parasiticde, hypotensive, and antitumor – slowing and inhibiting the growth of cancers and tumors




Supplements for all skin disorders


Ramsoms; Artemisia Vulgaris; ; Cancer Bush; Red Clover; Burdock Root; Astragalus; Greater Celandine; Lobelia; Hibiscus. Used for Psoriasis; skin cancers, acne and weeping wounds




Black Salve Drawing Ointment

30 ml



Very strong drawing balm which will pull out diseased cells.  Used for Spider Bites, Cancer tumors, fungal infections, snake bites, basically anything which should not be in the body. 

Tests have been run for an internal 4 dose (1/4 teaspoon in capsule) to assist with Prostate disease.  With the Zinc Chloride it gets to the problem area very quickly – this is used in combination with Cancer capsules and Essiac





Immune Support

60 vege caps


Echinacea Used extensively to boost the immune system, and help to activate macrophages that are directly involved in the destruction on bacteria, viruses, infectious agents as well as cancer cells.

GRAVIOLA – Supports immune function, and has tremendous benefits for overall good heath due to its anti-viral, anti parasitic and anti rheumatic properties.

Pau D Arco – immune stimulant and effective against bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic and yeast infections. 

Ashwaganda – Used for over 2500 years as a vitalizer, and has rejuvenating, balancing, strengthening, and calming properties

Yellow Dock – Immune Booster, blood purifier, increase bowel movement to help eliminate toxins




Green enzymes for blood cleansing and building


Dandelion Root; dandelion Leaf; Bedstraw; Nettle; Milk Thistle; Plantain; Fo Ti

Used when the body is eliminating diseases such as Epstein Barr virus and or cancer virus.

Assists in all liver disorders




Lymphatic gland supplement


cleanses the whole body. Is a specific remedy for swollen glands and glandular fever




Bedstraw – Known as the best tonic for the lymphatic system.  Is used for swollen glands; lymphadenitis;  tonsillitis and adenoid trouble.  

Butchers Broom – Reduces inflammation, increases perspiration,

Greater Celandine – Known as one of the best tonics to stimulate and help drain the lymphatic system.

Liquorice – prevents breakdown of adrenal hormones – enhances immunity by boosting interferon, powerful antioxidant, contains Glycyrrhizinic, which seems to stop the growth of bacteria and viruses;  anti inflammatory properties and liver health support

Poke Root – Strengthens and supports the lymphatics

Elder –. Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, diuretic, boosts immune, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-viral properties.

Excellent remedy for assisting the lymphatic system




Liver Support

60 vege caps



Milk Thistle –one of the few herbs which has the unique ability to protect and repair the liver, used for all liver diseases, detoxifies synthetic chemicals such as alcohol, heavy metals and radiation

Greater Celandine – Purifies and stimulates the blood. Is a remedy for serious liver ailments due to its blood and liver cleansing qualities,.

 Dandelion – Used for all disorders of the liver, including chronic inflammation,  purifies the blood and has diuretic properties.

 Yellow Dock – all round potent tonic and conditioner for the blood, has beneficial effects on nearly every ailment as it brings the blood to an optimum state to allow your body to heal.

Licorice Root – has a beneficial action on the liver by increasing bile flow, enhances immunity by boosting levels of interferon, fights of viruses and brings about general good health




Anti inflammatory (gout / water retention)

60 vege caps


Corn Silk-  Diuretic, rich in vitamins K, C and potassium, is an anti inflammatory and used for disorders of the urinary track, gout and edema. 

 Veronica Speedwell - Diaphoretic, Diuretic, tonic properties, rich in vitamins, tannins, and aucubin which has anti-inflammatory  diuretic and liver protective properties.

 Butchers Broom – diuretic, blood vessel toner, strengthens and tones blood vessels, and venous insufficiency which causes pain and swelling.

 Birch Leaves – Diuretic, cleansing, assists kidney, treats urinary tract infections, used to cleanse the body of excess water, treats gout, rheumatism and arthritic pain.

 Dandelion – A blood purifier that brings relief in gout, and glandular swellings, and assists in inflammation within the body.

 Elder – Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, helps reduce pain and swelling




Herbal blood purifying supplement

60 vege caps


Blood root, Red Clover, Dandelion Root, Dandelion Leaf; Anise Seed, Burdock Root, Chaparral, Fennel, Liquorice root, Yellow Dock, stinging nettle, Barberry Bark, Poke Root, Elder Flower

Formulated to purify the blood stream, and recommended to use during and after treating any infection, such as spider bites, acne, psoriasis, cancer; fungal infections; boils.

A strong mixture – it is recommended to finish the course of 60 capsules




Cystitis supplement

60 vege caps


PLANTAINHelps treat difficult and painful urination, (dysuria condition) which is one of the major problems associated with interstitial cystitis.  Plantain is an anti-bacterial, anti-stringent, antiseptic, diuretic and anti inflammatory herb that heals irritated tissue.

AgrimonyAstringent, anti inflammatory diuretic, tonic, and known as its curative properties for cystitis.

Pau D ArcoAntibiotic, anti fungal, antiviral, digestive, diuretic, fungicidal, anti diabetic, astringent and immune booster.

Ladies Mantle – Used for any inflammatory  problems in the urinary system as it has diuretic properties.  It calms urinary infections and any other gynecological problems. 

Birch Leaves A diuretic and cleansing agent to the urinary tract.  It has been used by herbalists for decades to treat cystitis and other urinary tract infections.

Corn Silk- This herb works mainly in the urinary tract.  The saponins largely act as an anti-inflammatory in the body and the allantoin as a healing agent, with the mucilage giving a demulcent or soothing effect to irritated tissues.  Used for urinary  tract conditions such as cystitis/

Bearberry Commonly known as Uva Ursi and is used for the treatment of any urinary tract infections.  It kills bacteria and stimulates urination.  Is antiseptic, and is a powerful diuretic.

Slippery ElmActs as a coating to the urethra, and is known to strengthen the entire urinary system having a therapeutic effect to assist in the recovery of cystitis..




Over 40’s Women’s Health Supplement

60 vege caps


Red Clover – A versatile herb used in blood cleansing and due to its benefit to the body’s arterial strength and flexibility it helps women who are menopausal.  It has been used for years to improve liver function which is essential to hormonal balance. 

Ashwaganda – Enhances energy, supports aging, stimulates sex drive, acts on the endocrine by encouraging hormone balance, excellent supplement for menopausal women, reducing hot flushes, anxiety and mood swings. Reduces memory impairment and protects the brain from the oxidative stress. 

Ladies Mantle – A herb for women and all women’s ailments.  It is an astringent that works well on hollow organs like the uterus. 

Borax – Hormone regulator, and body cleanser

Stinging Nettle – Blood Purifier, provides extra iron much needed by women of all ages, reduces tension and provides joint support.

Yarrow – Known as the herb for all women for all internal disorders associated with women of all ages.  It is a urinary antiseptic and has diuretic properties

Bearberry- Known as a herb for menopause and assists with vaginal dryness and bladder infection that can affect women. 

Sage – Known as the herb to stop night sweats and /or hot flushes




Men’s Prostate Supplement

60 vege caps


Saw Palmetto  - Used as a herbal remedy for all prostate ailments including prostatic hyperplasia, a common condition in older men.  It brings improvement in the urinary symptoms and flow measures. 

Small Flowered Willow – known as a natural remedy to cure disorders of the prostate gland, such as benign prostatic Hyperplasia, Prostatitis, bacterial infections of the prostate, and prostate cancer. 

Red Clover contains isoflavones which have anti-cancer effects and have been shown to relieve the symptoms of BPH.  Positive results in Red Clover assisting in reducing enlarged prostate conditions. 

Stinging Nettle- This herb has been proven to effectively reduce prostate size as well as the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.  It supports urinary tract problems such as a frequent urgent need to urinate, and assists in rebuilding the bladder. 

Horsetail – Effective antioxidant containing silica which converts to calcium in the human body, and is successfully used for benign prostate hyperplasia and kidney disorders.

Ashwaganda- Helps with impotency, has  antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, assisting the prostate to reduce when enlarged





Cardiovascular Heart supplement

60 vege caps



A herbal blend formulated to open arteries and allow blood flow to the heart.

Hawthorn Berry – valuable for cardiovascular problems;

Cayenne Assists the vascular system and allows blood flow;

Ginkgo Biloba – all-round circulation booster, improves memory increases blood flow to brain, anti inflammatory relaxes lungs improves blood to heart.;

Ginger stimulates all tissues of the body;

Garlic Cleanses blood tones heart and the circulatory system preventing heart disease




Organic Turmeric


Pure Organic Turmeric and Black Pepper - Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant – herbalists are aware that using organinc black pepper increases the healing power of turmeric by 200%




Eliminate parasites and worms

60 vege caps


Worm wood –(avoid if pregnant)  A bitter herb known to be a powerful anti -worming agent used for hundreds of years to expel tapeworms, threadworms, and parasites. 

 Black Walnut – A powerful herb used as to fight and eliminate intestinal parasites and intestinal problems, anti viral and antiseptic.

Yellow Dock – Blood Purifier - increases bowel movement to help remove lingering waste from the intestinal tract, and toxic elimination




Thyroid Supplement


BLADDERWRACK – Provides easily assimilated iodine and trace minerals for the thyroid.

Ashwaganda – Bolsters the thyroid and adrenal glands and helps stabilize the endocrine system

Liquorice root – Kills EBV cells in the thyroid and aids the adrenal glands,

Siberian Ginseng  – Bolsters the adrenal glands and helps stabilize the endocrine system.

Lemon Balm Kills EBV cells in the thyroid and dampens nodule growth




Detox / weight loss supplements

60 vege caps


Corn Silk – Reliable Diuretic, effective and harmless weight reducer. 

 Rest Harrow – highly regarded as a natural and gentle diuretic.

Bedstraw – Blood cleansing properties, assists in ridding the body of toxic wastes through the liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen,

 Birch Leaves – used as a diuretic, and cleansing agent for the body.  Cleanses the body of excess water.

 Dandelion – Purifies the blood, diuretic and assists the flow of gastric juices to all the stomach to clear out all waste matter whilst improving a sluggish digestion.

 Shepherds Purse – Used by herbalists to assist in obesity, is an astringent and a gentle diuretic





Asthma / tight chest supplement

60 vege caps




Respiratory disinfectant, expectorant and cough suppressant

Coltsfoot – is used for bronchitis, laryngitis, bronchial asthma, pleurisy & suppresses a persistent cough.

Liquorice – Used to treat asthma, emphysema, viral infections, sore throat, & eases colds and flu symptoms.

Plantain – Remedy for disorders of the respiratory organs, phlegm in the lungs, whooping cough, bronchial asthma, weak lungs, & bronchitis.

Elder – Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sinus infections, colds, flu and respiratory disturbances.

Rosehip –Contains Vitamin A, beneficial to the immune system, helps to prevent infections from bacteria and viruses, helps the immune system to fight off any infections.

Echinacea – Boosts immune, reduces inflammation, antiviral and antioxidant, & can assist healing ear infections




Bone and joint care supplement

60 vege caps


Burdock Root; Flax Seeds; Turmeric; Nettles; Liquorice; Ginger; Dandelion Leaves; White Willow Bark and Horsetail


Relieves pain and supports muscular healing



‘Flu supplement


Assists the body in overcoming influenza.

ASHWAGANDA – Known for its restorative and rejuvenating properties. Protects the immune system, helps combat stress, reduces depression, offers anti-inflammatory benefits, and acts as an antibiotic,

ECHINACEA –Has an antiviral action on the development of recurrent colds, contains active substances that boost the immune function, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and have antiviral and antioxidant effects.

ROSEHIP  – Contains Iron, Vit B1, B2, B3, C and  Vitamin A which are all beneficial to the immune system  to fight off any infection; whilst helping prevent further infections .  Used as a defense against colds, and bronchitis, It contains a variety of anti-oxidants :- carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, leucoanthocyanins and catechins.  All known to be a good source of fighting off any viral infection

PLANTAIN – Soothes inflamed and sore membranes in the treatment of coughs, phlegm in the lungs, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis of the lungs and mild bronchitis

Its active constituents show antibacterial and antimicrobial properties as well as being anti-inflammatory and antitoxic – the anti bacterial actions helps prevent infection and the anti-inflammatory helps relieve pain.

HIBISCUS FLOWERS –Known to help all cold symptoms, and catarrh of the respiratory tracts.

BLACKBERRY LEAVES Helps to ease cold symptoms whilst  soothing  inflamed mucous membranes,

 SAGE – Has analgesic, antibacterial, anti cancer, anti fungal, antioxidant, aromatic, astringent, depurative, and Nervine properties




Good Sleep

30 vege caps


Lemon Balm – Used to sooth tension, mood disorders, palpitations and relieves and relaxes muscles – nervous agitation, sleeping problems, the volatile oils in lemon balm contain chemicals that relax muscles, particularly in the bladder, stomach and uterus, relieving cramps, gas and nausea.

Skullcap a powerful medicinal herb, it is used in alternative medicine as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, slightly astringent, emmenagogue, febrifuge, nervine, sedative and strongly tonic. Some valuable constituents found in the plant are Scutellarin,  Catalpol, other Volatile oils, bitter iridoids and Tannins. Scientific studies are proving this to be a valuable plant in many areas for mental disorders. Skullcap is used in the treatment of a wide range of nervous conditions including epilepsy, insomnia, hysteria, anxiety, delirium-tremens, withdrawal from barbiturates and tranquilise

 Valerian Root - used as a folk remedy for a variety of conditions such as sleeping problems, digestive complaints, nervousness, trembling, tension headaches and heart palpitations

Oat straw is a known Nervine, meaning it soothes and nourishes the central nervous system.  It is helpful in treating anxiety, insomnia and nervousness, and calms excessive nervous energy.  It can soothe an over stressed nervous system providing cantered calm energy..  The B vitamins that it contains is one reason that oat straw has such a beneficial action.

Passion Flower- Known as passiflora incarnata, it is a plant that provides a calming essence to the body.  The Peruvians used the flower as a sedative, and has been used to treat restlessness and agitation, and is commonly used to treat anxiety. 

Hop Flowers – Their volatile oil produces sedative and soporific effects known to reduce anxiety, and promote good sleeping. 

Cowslip has been used as sedative tea to treat hyperactivity and insomnia. And is a known remedy for anxiety because of its sedating effect




Tension & Anxiety relief



St.John’s Wort –  The best herbal alternative for depression

Veronica Speedwell –Has great value for nervousness created by mental over exertion, and for treating depression. 

Sage- Known to help treat nervousness and nervous diseases, it has an anti spasmodic action which reduces tension in smooth muscle, and can be used for calming the mind.  It helps to fortify a generally debilitated nervous tension.

Lycopodium – Builds the self confidence within a person allowing them to face life with a different outlook. 

Bedstraw – Excellent for removing toxins from the kidney often causing anxiety and or depression, and has the ability to bring about relaxation within mind and body



Colon supplement for day use


Treats gas and all symptoms of gastrointestinal distress and abdominal pain.

Veronica Speedwell – known to bring relief to all symptoms of intestinal and colonic. …..

Yellow Dock – digestive tonic, acting on the liver and gall bladder to inspire function.  Assists protein and fat digestion, assimilation of B12, A and E, potent help for the colon relieving constipation as it brings  tone to the wall of the large intestine.

 Barberry Bark – helps support the liver functions and cleanse a congested system.  Rich natural source of berberine used for its anti-inflammatory and anti microbial effects.

 Licorice root – Lowers stomach acid levels, relieves heartburn and indigestion, acts as a mild laxative, used for irritation and inflammation and spasm in the digestive tract, and through its beneficial action on the liver it increases bile flow and lowers cholesterol.         

Elder herb – diuretic and laxative properties, helpful in relieving constipation, antibacterial and antiviral and boosts the immune system.

 Slippery Elm - Contains  mucilage, an excellent cleanser. It dissolves mucus that has been deposited in organ tissue, lymph glands and nerve channels. Its lubricating action protects and softens all aged and inflamed areas including joints, bones and the bowel. Its coating action protects the lining of the digestive track. It also has antibiotic and antimicrobial properties.

Senna – Used for its ability to remove blocks associated within the colon




Colon supplement for night use



Ashwaganda, Garlic, Celandine, Ginger, Barberry bark, Skull cap, Mugwort, Licorice Root, Veronica speedwell, Mallow, Lycopodium & Elder Flowers



Kidney & Bladder support


An herbal blend of seven herbs designed to assist the Kidney and Bladder in rejuvenating, eliminating toxins and rebuilding it for your optimum health.

REST HARROW – It traditional use is for support for the kidney, urinary tract and bladder health.  It is regarded as a natural and gentle diuretic and is one of the most valuable herbs for the bladder.  It is a herbalists remedy for kidney stones.

SHEPHERDS PURSE – Urinary tract astringent, uric acid diuretic, acts as on the kidney and bladder to treat kidney urinary tract infections, and for disinfection of the urinary tract.   a stimulant and moderate tonic. 

BIRCH – Used as a diuretic and cleansing agent to the urinary tract, having the ability to eliminate gavel and dissolve kidney stones, treats cystitis and other urinary tract infections.  It cleanses the body of excess water.

ELDER – Antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti inflammatory properties that boost the functioning of the immune system allowing the body to repair itself.

BEDSTRAW- Best tonic to the lymph system, it is very helpful for any urinary conditions where there is pain, Cleavers acts directly on the kidneys much like Uva ursi (Bearberry) although its specific action on acute inflammation of the urinary tract is stronger than most treatments.

BEARBERRY – Known as the herb for all kidney and bladder ailments, restoring, eliminating toxins and infections and associated with the kidney and bladder due to its ability to reduce the accumulated levels of uric acid in the body.  It alleviates the pain affecting the person as a result of stone formations or from urinary bladder infections.

ROSEHIP – Used to improve and relieve the symptoms of kidney disorders, with its Vitamin A content it is beneficial to the immune system helping to prevent infections from both bacteria and viruses. , helping the immune system to fight off any infections that do occur




Fertility Assist Programme


Women - Capsules for morning: Oat straw, red Clover; Raspberry Leaf; Yarrow; Nettle and Lemon Balm.

Mid day: after lunch : – Saw palmetto, Ashwaganda, Rosehips, Dandelion, Bilberry, Ginseng and Fever Few

Evening: after supper : - Chaste Tree Berry; Garlic; Fo Ti; Angelica; Dong Quai; Ladies Mantle; Raspberry


Men’s Fertility – 1 capsule after breakfast and one after supper : - Fo Ti; Ginkgo; Saw palmetto; Dong Quai & Ashwaganda




Women’s essence


Ashwaganda RootThe Kama sutra identifies this herb as a potent igniter of passion and desire.  While that benefit may get you immediate attention, its popularity with women have more to do with the way it stimulates libido and increases satisfaction.

Avena Sativa – Generations of women stand by Avena for its aphrodisiac and libido stimulating qualities.  Tradition holds it increases vaginal stimulation and advances the physical and emotional desires for sex.  Scientists trying to understand how it words believe it frees bound testosterone, providing the body with the hormones needed for sexual stimulation.

Siberian Ginseng – Known to aid female hormonal balance and excites libido.

Ginkgo Biloba – increases all around sexual function and health in women.  It is known to help balance levels of estrogen and progesterone in the female body and can improve sexual drive and function.

Schizandra – increases sexual health by strengthening the entire body and helps in calling your libido into action.  It works to increase sexual endurance and produce more fluids.

Chaste Tree Berry – Also called the herb for women, helps mood swings, increases progesterone levels, increases the secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) relieves bloating, stimulates the pituitary glands and balances female hormones.

Angelica – is primarily used in treating women’s problems including lack of sexual desire.

Dong Quai – Balances estrogen levels, helps you feel happier, as it reduces anxiety, increases circulation which will also improve your complexion and aids detoxification to clear skin



Diverticulitis supplement


Slippery Elm  - Soothes inflamed bowels and colon- related disorders.  It is a demulcent and protects irritated tissues and promotes healing.

 Soothes the whole digestive tract like no other herb does by coating the inside of the colon.

Valerian – Helps soothe the digestive tract when flare ups occur, and relieve nervous tension associated with this ailment.

Barberry – Used for all ailments in the intestinal tract as it has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties; it will cleanse a congested system. 

It is also antiseptic photochemical treating bacteria that is the cause of intestinal tract infections. 

Yarrow – A classic remedy for stomach conditions where the intestines are infected such as diverticulitis.  It has the ability to tone and heal the mucus membrane of the digestive tract.

Mallow – Soothes and heals the mucous membrane of the stomach, needed by an overworking gut.  The irritation is lulled into a sense of security, allowing the wall to relax in response to the antispasmodics. 

Devils Claw – Used to treat inflammatory ailments in the bowel and colon as it has the ability to cleanse the entire intestinal tract, whilst relieving pain




Diverticulitis supplement


Slippery Elm  - Soothes inflamed bowels and colon- related disorders.  It is a demulcent and protects irritated tissues and promotes healing.

 Soothes the whole digestive tract like no other herb does by coating the inside of the colon.

Valerian – Helps soothe the digestive tract when flare ups occur, and relieve nervous tension associated with this ailment.

Barberry – Used for all ailments in the intestinal tract as it has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties; it will cleanse a congested system. 

It is also antiseptic photochemical treating bacteria that is the cause of intestinal tract infections. 

Yarrow – A classic remedy for stomach conditions where the intestines are infected such as diverticulitis.  It has the ability to tone and heal the mucus membrane of the digestive tract.

Mallow – Soothes and heals the mucous membrane of the stomach, needed by an overworking gut.  The irritation is lulled into a sense of security, allowing the wall to relax in response to the antispasmodics. 

Devils Claw – Used to treat inflammatory ailments in the bowel and colon as it has the ability to cleanse the entire intestinal tract, whilst relieving pain




Peptic ulcer relief


Barberry – Kills Helicobacter pylori the bacterium implicated in ulcers, whilst reducing muscle spasms.

 Bilberry Cyanidins from this herb counteract the formation of peptic ulcers caused from ulcers, allergies, non steroidal, anti inflammatory agents and stress.

Clove – Reduces gas pressure within the stomach, the eugenol in clove depresses the transmission of nerve impulses that convey a feeling of gas whilst protecting the stomach lining.

Garlic – inhibits the growth of Helicobacter pylori implicated in the formation of ulcers in the digestive system.

Licorice – counteracts stress, purifies liver, smoothes inflammation, protects stomach from the effects of acid, and promotes healing of the ulcers. 

Marshmallow root – Contains polysaccharides that form a protective layer on the stomach lining also lowers stomach acid layer. 

Pau ’D Arco may have an anti biotic effect on Helicobacter pylori and reverses aspirin induced irritation of the stomach lining




Essiac Capsules

60 vege caps



Using the exact formula as the herbal tea –

Slippery Elm. Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Rhubarb root



Pure stinging nettle


PURE STINGING NETTLE -  Benefits most ailments:-Joint pain,   Headaches, stomach complaints, IBS, cancer preventative, blood purifier, allergy relief, arthritis, hay fever, provides iron to the blood stream – Providing overall benefit








Golden Rod Tea



ORGANICALLY GROWN – For all kidney and bladder complaints. 50g



Mistletoe Tea



Tea for blood disorders-REGULATES the blood, if too high reduces and if too low lifts 50g



Hawthorn Berry



Heart Health, tones and repairs the heart muscles



Small Flowered Willow


Works with the Men’s Prostate Health, assists in all ailments of the Prostate gland



Galangal Root



Good tea to have before sleep, induces a peace filled sleep.  Used in the East for meditation and dream recall



Calamus Rooit


A tea used to boost the pancreas and intestines.  Works well with Colon capsules




Essiac Tea

Makes 4 litres



Slippery Elm. Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Rhubarb root








Comfrey Green Healing Balm

50 ml



Using a combination of comfrey, pure oils and DMSO bringing relief to arthritis, cramps, muscle and joint strain or pain – This ointment is purchased by deep tissue massage therapists, doctors and natural healers including Biosil.  It is deep penetrating and brings good relief to all muscle pain



Brimstone Ointment

30 ml



Using Flowers of Sulphur and 100% pure oils this assists all skin conditions INCLUDING fungal or acne



Headache Balm

30 ml



STINGING NETTLE; YARROW AND LAVENDER DMSO and oils this balm when rubbed onto the temples and neck brings relief to stubborn headaches








MustardBath Salts


Bicarbonate of soda, Epsom Salts, Mustard Powder, peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils. Used to Detox, and relieve muscle strain.  Excellent relaxant






Natural solutions to quite smoking


A herbal blend consisting of Coltsfoot, Mullein, eyebright, betony, rosemary, thyme, lavender, chamomile

Formulated to relieve asthma and bronchitis caused by conventional tobacco.   Use does not entail any of the injurious effects of commercial tobacco