Cancer : Magnetic Health Booster

R 300.00

PRODUCT  Magnetic and Silver health disc

DESCRIPTION  A small oval disc (6.5 cm in length, 4 cm wide) containing both magnetic and silver properties

BENEFITS  This can be used to treat a specific area on the body or to boost the immune system by wearing it with the WHITE side against the skin.

NB - Always use the WHITE SIDE in cases of cancer.    

Keep away from credit cards, cellphones and electronic devices as well as magnetic tapes (because of the magnetic properties of the disc)  


How this works - 

For example: cancer carries a positive charge / on the plain side of this disc, inside it, is a pure silver disc which carries a negative charge together with a negatively charged magnet.

This has been used very successfully in healing.


Be sure to wear it with the printed side facing away from the body 




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