Colloidal Silver (1 litre)

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PRODUCT  Colloidal Silver 1 litre

DESCRIPTION  The Universal Antibiotic

Prior to 1938 colloidal silver was considered to be one of the mainstays of antibiotic treatment. It is still considered to be the most universal antibiotic substance that is non-toxic even in micro-concentrations of 3-5 ppm (parts per million). It has been proven to be useful against over 650 different infectious conditions, as compared to traditional antibiotics, which are effective against 6-7 conditions

BENEFITS  One product for a multitude of applications:

* A sip a day – straight from the bottle is best!
* Just 5 – 10 ml per day, or megadose, e.g. three or four times a day when the immune system is           compromised
* To fight infections increase dosage (30+ ml),even mega-dose until the infection has cleared
* This product can be applied directly to open wounds, eye/ear infections and skin problems
* It can be inhaled or applied into the nostrils with an eye-dropper for sinus, cough and post-nasal drip
* A spray attachment is available which screws onto the bottles,enabling one to use BIO-SIL as a cooling spritzer, deodorant, skin toner, spray for burns and wounds etc


According to the EPA (CASRN 7440-22-4) Daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (RfD) applied to 10 ppm, one may ingest 178,850 servings safely over 70 years

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What In the World Is Colloidal Silver Used For?

So you’ve heard about colloidal silver, and you’re wondering what in the world this stuff is actually used for.

Good.  That’s a great question.    

And because you’re asking, I’m going to try to make it easy for you to discover the astonishing array of health conditions people use colloidal silver for by giving you links to 42 different articles, each of which covers individual uses for colloidal silver. 

Yes, you’ll have your reading cut out for you, at least for the next few days.

But when you’re done, you’ll know more about what colloidal silver is used for, why it’s used, and how to use it, than 99% of the so-called “health gurus” on the internet. 

 So happy reading.  And…yes…you’re welcome!


Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge…

What Most People Use Colloidal Silver For…

Most people use colloidal silver to heal internal infections such as cold, flu and food poisoning…or topical infections such as infected boils, cuts or even MRSA infections …plus, it works great for resolving earaches, eye infections, sinus infections, tooth infections, bothersome skin conditions and much more – all of which we’ll cover below.

To get a quick, “sneak peak” at the myriad of ways colloidal silver can be used to bring astonishing relief from infections and disease, you might want to read through some of the hundreds of Colloidal Silver Success Stories at the link in this sentence.   

After all, reading personal, first-hand stories about the many ways people use colloidal silver to heal infections and disease is probably the best and fastest way to learn how to use colloidal silver yourself.

Or, you can see what health and medical experts recommend colloidal silver for, by reading the Expert Quotes on Colloidal Silver page. 

Finally, for a more detailed look at the wide variety of infectious illnesses and other conditions colloidal silver can be used for, see the articles at the following links: 

      Boost Low Immunity

      Clobber Colds

      Soothe and Heal Ear Infections

       Eradicate Eye Infections (i.e., Sties, Pink Eye)

       Decimate the Flu

       Stop Food Poisoning

       Heal MRSA Infections

       Heal Other Drug-Resistant Superbug Infections

       Eliminate Fungal Infections

       Get Rid of Toe Nail Fungus Without Drugs

       Heal Tooth and Gum Infections

 ·     Eliminate Mouth Germs/Bad Breath

·     Soothe and Heal Shingles

       Heal Boils Without Painful Lancing

       Heal Ulcers

       Prevent Root Canal

       Stop H. pylori Infections

       Relieve Allergies and Asthma

 ·    Help Tame Diabetes

 ·     Eradicate Athlete’s Foot

 ·     Stop Cancer

 ·     Heal Lung Infections

 ·     Conquer Mouth Sores

 ·     Eliminate Dental Plaque

 ·     Stop Sore Throats

 ·     Obliterate Sinus Infections

 ·     Extinguish Upper Respiratory Infections


Experienced colloidal silver uses have also experienced tremendous benefits using colloidal silver to obtain relief from topical skin problems such as:

 ·      Sunburn

 ·      Other Burns

 ·      Poison Ivy and Poison Oak 

 ·      Blisters

 ·      Acne

 ·      Dandruff

 ·      Mange on Pets


And many do-it-yourself types and “preppers” swear by colloidal silver for the following purposes:

 Disinfect Fruits and Veggies
 Canning and Food Preservation
 Make Your Own Natural Health and Beauty Products
 Boost Gardening Yield and Eliminate Plant Diseases
 World’s Safest and Most Powerful Household Disinfectant
 Use Colloidal Silver in the Hot Tub or Spa, in Place of Toxic Chemicals
 Colloidal Silver for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Reptiles and Other Pets
 Cures Parvo in Dogs

Colloidal Silver and Colds: A Safe, Simple and FAST Way to Stop Colds Before They Get Started!

A personal testimony:

Using Colloidal Silver in the Ears:

...The next time I felt a cold coming on, I used COLLOIDAL SILVER in my ears, instead of hydrogen peroxide. I used three drops of 10 ppm homemade colloidal silver in each ear.

Here’s what I did:

I simply lay down on one side, and used an eye dropper to administer the three drops. Then I waited six to eight minutes and turned over and drained the colloidal silver into a tissue.

Then I laid down on my other side and repeated the process in the other ear. Wow...

...what a difference! No burning or stinging sensation whatsoever. In fact, it was remarkably soothing, instead. No perceptible hearing loss afterwards. And once more the budding cold was knocked out before it could fully take hold.

It's an interesting and very simple remedy – much safer, in my opinion than the use of hydrogen peroxide in the ears.

And since that time I've used it successfully many, many times to stop fledgling colds from becoming full-blown colds.

Works great on children with symptoms of a fledgling cold, too!



Study: Silver Boosts Effectiveness of Antibiotics By Up to 1,000x!



Heal eye infections with Colloidal silver: 

"Using colloidal silver in the eyes for infections like Pink Eye or sties is safe, extremely simple to do, and powerfully effective. 

What's more, for allergies as well as for tired, itching eyes colloidal silver can be used very effectively to refresh the eyes and relieve the itching for hours afterwards. 

Just watch the accompanying 3-minute video to learn more, including the two simple techniques I use to administer colloidal silver directly into my eyes whenever needed! "


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