Urine Therapy!


Dear Andrew,

Here is my testimonial from using urine therapy which I started mainly for mental symptoms. My symptoms included depression, poor memory, low concentration, low drive and willpower, low emotional energy.

Well, I started using urine therapy internally two months ago and wow, all my symptoms mentioned above that improved tremendously! Physically, mentally and emotionally, i feel much better. I can now concentrate much better and depression has lifted very nicely!

I have not started distilled water yet, but I intuitively feel that I need to start that, so I am buying a water distiller next month and I cannot wait.

I have also been juicing once a day, using mainly a combination of fruit and mostly vegetables like celery, cucumber and greens. I find this makes the juice much better as too much fruit I feel is too sweet. I also try my best not too over eat which is an important factor. I still eat some cooked food but the urine therapy is helping me to improve my diet alot.

I now plan to start with distilled water and also increase the juicing. I feel urine therapy has had an euristic effect as it has helped me monitor the foods I eat so as to make the urine better tasting. For example certain foods like oats, or soya pudding etc are fine as urine is swet afterwards where as salty pungent food make the urtine taste bad for quite a few cycles.

Kind regards,


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