Glucose – not what we’ve been taught

Glucose is NOT a fuel for cellular energy

All sugars, including fructose, glucose and sucrose are ferments or metabolic waste products of cellular breakdown. In the human body glucose is a waste product of metabolism NOT a fuel for cellular energy. The human body is electro-chemical NOT chemical-electro. The only reason for eating food is to access its electrical potential in the the form of free electrons.
A banana when it is ripening or rotting increases in sugar as a waste product of cellular breakdown. The same process happens when the cells of the human body are breaking down or fermenting from an acidic lifestyle and diet. When the levels of glucose increase from an acidic lifestyle and diet the symptoms of disease manifest, i.e. diabetes, inflammation, neuropathy. Bottom-line the body runs on electrons NOT glucose. Glucose and fructose are neuro-toxins and are poisonous to the human cell, especially the intestinal villi of the small intestine, the eyes and the neurons of the brain.

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