LifeStem – glyconutrients with spirulina (new product)

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and what it can do for you

Latest studies and research are focused on glyconutrients and how they enhance cellular communication in our bodies.

Due to today’s fast modern society and microwave solutions to food and nutrition, we tend to take many shortcuts.   Fresh fruits and vegetables from the local shops are procured for mass production and shelf life.  Vine-ripened foods are almost impossible to obtain, so the most important process in glyconutrient formation is forfeited, as when produce is harvested before becoming fully ripe, many or most of the essential nutrients and minerals are lost.   (Essential as they assist the body to restore itself and to communicate on a cellular level)

Cellular communication is most important when it comes to nutrition.  With LifeStem, integration of both protein and nutrients are absorbed into the body super-fast.  This product is exceptionally rich in glyconutrients, glycoprotein, glycolipids and minerals, thus enabling the body to produce healthier cells faster.

Research has shown that LifeStem increases lean muscle mass and also decreases body fat.  It enhances energy levels and is the best natural diuretic on the market.  It eliminates excess water under the skin and between spaces that cause pressure on the organs.

How Does It Work?

As the body begins utilising LifeStem it produces healthy stem cells that take the strain off the organs, enabling the body to function optimally.

It stabilises blood sugar levels, enabling the pancreas to secrete the correct amount of insulin so that muscle growth can take place.

LifeStem also assists in repairing the liver and kidneys on a cellular level.  This is essential as these organs work hard at getting rid of toxins caused by chemicals and the processing of high amounts of protein.

LifeStem also assists the heart muscle, as research has shown that the heart muscle was 40% stronger after just 12 weeks on LifeStem.


  • a new advanced cellular foodstate nutritional supplement
  • a definite asset for everyone concerned with health and fitness

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Glyconutrients :

Glyconutrients, also known as glyconutritionals, Ambrotose and Glycentials, are a type of nutritional supplement. The glyconutrients are plant-based carbohydrates that when consumed in sufficient amounts allow your body to produce glycoproteins. Glycoproteins are molecules composed of simple sugars called monosaccharides and proteins. Almost all plasma proteins in your body, except albumin, are glycoproteins.

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