What role does your emotions and symptoms play on your body?

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The following is an article from Infinite Love and Gratitude (InfiniteLoveandGratitude.com) – Spotlight on Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

“Your cells, the citizens of your body, also talk to your mind (the government). They do this through their own special language of symptoms and emotions.

Just like the dashboard on your car, your body has “gages and indicators” in the form of emotions and symptoms. They tell you how you are doing. If you pay attention to your emotions, you can see how your body responds.

When you get angry for example, your body gets hot (symptoms). Your body is actually giving you a sensory signal that it’s time to “pull over and cool off.”

Your emotions and symptoms are literally feedback.

So if you take medication for symptoms, you are shutting off the signals. This is the equivalent to putting duct tape over the gages on…

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